Layer: Geothermal Permit Locations

This layer contains point locations that represent permitted geothermal exploration sites in Washington State from 1980 to present. To date, 18 exploratory geothermal well permits have been issued in Washington. However, a considerable amount of geothermal exploration in the state is unpermitted; geothermal testing may be and is typically performed within a borehole drilled for a different purpose, such as for water supply, monitoring, or oil and gas exploration. Geothermal drilling permits are regulated under Chapter 332-17 of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC).

This layer shows the location of permitted geothermal wells along with links to geophysical logs, where available. The geophysical logs are available through the interactive map. Permit locations with available geophysical logs, once selected with the Identify Tool, appear with a plus sign (+) next to the well name in the left-hand pane of the Identify Features window; clicking on the plus sign will show a list of available logs, and clicking on a log type in the list will display the log file information (including a link to the scanned log) in the right-hand pane of the Identify Features window.

The geophysical logs are also available through the downloadable data file, via a related table [geophysical_logs] within the file geodatabase [geothermal_wells.gdb]. Records in the related tables can be linked with features in the Permit Locations feature class using the Geothermal Well ID; individual geophysical logs can be accessed using the URLs in the Geophysical Logs table.

Suggested Citation:

Czajkowski, J. L.; Bowman J. D.; Fusso, L. A.; Boschmann, D. E., 2014 Washington State geothermal well databaseóGIS data: Washington Division of Geology and Earth Resources Digital Data Series 8, version 2.0.

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